EcoAdvocates Northwest

EcoAdvocates Northwest is an all-volunteer, grassroots advocacy project under the League of Wilderness Defenders since 1997.

VISION of Eco Advocates NW: To develop healthy, long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships between humans and the natural ecosystems that sustain life on Earth.

MISSION of Eco Advocates NW: To promote genuine solutions for the health of Earth’s communities of life (human, animal, plant, fungal) through grassroots advocacy, coalition building and education.

We at Eco Advocates NW believe that for the environmental movement to do more than just “slow down the rate at which things are getting worse” it must:

1)  Employ new, creative strategies;

2) Unite its many fragmented factions;

3) Reach out to other movements (social justice, civil rights, labor, etc.);

4) Never sacrifice long-term progress for short-term goals. 

You can follow the facebook page to find out the latest update! Below are the latest billboards put out by this organization.

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